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Power of Involved Fathers Research

Power of Involved Fathers Research Summary

All comparisons are between children of involved fathers and uninvolved fathers. For instance, where it says “more likely” or “less likely” it is referring to being more or less likely than children of uninvolved fathers.

  • Grades and behavior – Children of warm, involved fathers;

    • Enjoy school more

    • Do better in school

    • Participate in extracurricular activities

    • Are more patient and less likely to get stressed or frustrated in school

    • Are less likely to repeat a grade

    • Have fewer school behavior problems

  • Intelligence – Fathers who are involved, nurturing, and playful with their children have

    • Children with higher IQs as well as better linguistic and cognitive capacities

    • More intellectually developed children

    • As they grow up, adolescents who have better verbal skills, intellectual functioning, and academic achievement

  • Social competence – Children who feel accepted by or identified with their fathers

    • Have higher levels of social competence and fewer conduct problems

    • Score higher on tests of personal moral judgment, moral values, and rule-following

  • Self-Esteem & Confidence – Involved fathers

    • Are a crucial factor in determining whether their child develops the confidence and competence to meet new challenges in a positive manner

    • Have children who grow up as adults to be more tolerant and understanding and engaged in more socially responsible behavior than those with less involved fathers

  • Special impact on daughters – Daughters of involved fathers

    • Have stronger self-esteem

    • Wait longer before having sex

    • Are less likely to become pregnant as teenagers

  • Future relationships – Involved fathers have children who are more likely to

    • Have healthier adult relationships and solid marriages later in life

  • Uninvolved and/or cold fathers are more likely to have children who are

    • More aggressive toward their peers by age 8.

    • Delinquent

    • Interpersonally violent

    • Reluctant to accept blame or guilt when they misbehave

    • Depressed as teenagers

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