Sometimes you need more than an article to help, but therapy seems too much right now. That is why Jeremy has conducted a series of talks, workshops and seminars over the years.

One of Jeremy’s largest audiences was a couple of hundred people at the United Nations Women’s Guild speaking on Aiding Families in Transition, while one of the smallest was at New Rochelle College where he spoke to graduating seniors about preparing for their future. He is a passionate and inspiring speaker, able to explain complicated issues in easy-to-understand English. For instance, another successful workshop was called Experience Life! and helped people to understand the difference between just surviving life and experiencing it.

By mixing knowledge from his training, experience from working with clients, and his own personal experience as a parent of twins and being married to, and involved with, his wife for 20 years, Jeremy is able to draw on a variety of lessons and anecdotes to help his audience walk away with an increased awareness of themselves and a better understanding of their situation.

Jeremy’s signature workshop, The Power of Involved Fathers, not only helps to educate fathers on how important they are to their children, but helps both mothers and fathers learn more about how they can help encourage father involvement. Jeremy uses findings from research on fatherhood to demonstrate how fathers have a tremendous impact on their children in the areas of intelligence, education, social competence, and even their future relationships and level of life satisfaction as adults. For more information, check out The Power of Involved Fathers Research Summary he compiled.

Below is a list of workshops Jeremy has developed:

The Power of Involved Fathers: What Mothers AND Fathers Need to Know About Fatherhood: A workshop on the powerful impact involved fathers have on the emotional, mental and intellectual growth of their children and how both mothers and fathers can help stimulate those benefits for their children.

Strengthening the Connection With Your Child: This workshop helps working parents – especially fathers – to continue strengthening the connection with their children even though they have to leave them every day for work. It provides tips on balancing priorities and includes specific ideas on how to make the most of the time they have with their children.

Parenting in the Dark – The Challenges and Rewards of Helping Your Child Sleep Through The Night: Helping children sleep through the night can be one of the hardest aspects of parenting, but it can also bring immense rewards – including a stronger, closer connection to your children. This workshop will focus on tips and techniques for helping your children sleep through the night, but also how to use this as an opportunity to strengthen your bond with your child.

Fatherhood Discussion Groups: A series of speaker talks on challenging issues fathers may face to make it easier for them to discuss their own experiences. Many of the issues are prepared in advance, but with great flexibility to better respond to the issues fathers raise in the discussions. Each topic would be presented for about 20 minutes or so and then be opened up for discussion, ideas and comments.

Ever Shifting Priorities – Balancing Work and Family: This workshop gives parents tools to better balance all of the priorities in their lives including work, children, spouse/partners, hobbies, and especially their own needs. It includes an exercise for determining and prioritizing all of their primary responsibilities.

Surviving the Early Years and Still Feeling in Love With Your Spouse: A workshop for parents of young children to help them maintain their connection together in order to have a healthier marriage and a healthier family while still being good and loving parents.

Your Guiding Principles of Parenting: A workshop to help parents understand what they feel are the most important lessons for their children, to envision how they want their children to be as adults and how to use these principles to deal with the everyday challenges of being a parent.

Becoming the Role of Daddy: A workshop for fathers to help them develop the confidence and comfort level to being a Daddy to their children. The primary focus of this workshop is on ways fathers can go beyond their own limits to be what their children need them to be.

Creating Your Own Special Jewish Holidays: A workshop on creating new rituals and new family traditions around Shabbat, Passover, and Chanukah to encourage your child’s involvement and stimulate your comfort and connection with Judaism in your own home.

Parenting 101 – Blazing Your Own Parental Trail: Many parents want to be better at parenting than their own parents. But with no role model to follow, these parents are blazing their own parental trail. The workshop will focus on how to blaze your own trail, creating your own set of blueprints you can follow to be the kind of parent you want to be for your children.

Experience Life! Understanding Depression In Order to Beat It!: When you want to experience life instead of just surviving it, you need to understand the obstacles in your way and how to get around them to enjoy your life.

Overcoming Childhood Trauma: Experience Your Life Instead of Just Surviving It: A workshop for people who experienced childhood trauma including physical, sexual emotional and/or mental abuse as well as early family members’ deaths to help them see how these experiences may have affected them negatively and ways to begin the journey from just surviving life to truly experiencing it.