You’re considering seeing a therapist. Now what do you do?

Something doesn’t feel right. Maybe you know exactly what’s wrong, but aren’t sure how to make it better. Maybe you’re not even sure what is going on and want someone to help you figure it out. Either way, you’ve already made an important breakthrough; by finding a therapist, you’re making a commitment to help yourself. This is an incredibly important step; a step few people ever make. Congratulations!

Jeremy G. Schneider is a  therapist with experience helping individuals, couples and families. He has focused much of his work in parenting, helping people overcome their childhood, relationships (both family and romantic) and helping people deal with depression and stress. He strongly believes that therapy can help – but you need the right therapist for you (for more information, read Can Therapy Really Help Me?). Finding that “right” fit, the sense of connection, can be difficult, but incredibly valuable when you find it.

Every therapist has their own style, their own approach, to helping you. Jeremy’s style is to emphasize a team approach to solving whatever is affecting you. You and he will work together. You don’t have to do this alone. He will listen to what you are going through and support and encourage you in your efforts to make a change. He will help you to see the strengths you already have and how to build on them to deal with the challenges you are facing. He will even challenge you, when necessary, to show you where the obstacles to overcoming your situation may lie. Along the way, he will help you understand the difference between dealing with things by yourself and dealing with them on your own. In the end, hopefully you’ll find that you won’t need therapy anymore because you have learned the skills to recognize and overcome many of life’s problems you may find yourself facing.

How can Jeremy help?

There are a few options in the way we can proceed with therapy.

  • Work with Jeremy in-person to deal with difficulties from your childhood, with relationships, families, depression or stress
  • Your sessions can be done in-person or over the phone with support in between-sessions via email and/or text
  • You can also work with Jeremy via email if you’re not ready or don’t think a session is necessary. This can include asking questions and getting answers and resources to address your concerns.
  • Join a group to deal with these same issues with people who are also going through what you are experiencing
  • Try couples counseling if the issues revolve around your romantic relationship
  • Try family therapy when the issue involves parents and children

Jeremy can work with you to help you decide what approach would work best for you.

How do you start?

Starting therapy is as easy as contacting Jeremy. Jeremy will work with you to set realistic goals and expectations of what you can do in therapy and start the process. Unfortunately, working in therapy is not so easy, but by working together he will help you get through this difficult period. Everything is easier to deal with when there is someone on your side.