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Momarama Quotes Jeremy on Managing Screen Time


Momarama has published a piece on limiting screen use in your families called, Too much media? Managing kids’ screen time, and quoted Jeremy in it. The focus of the piece was to help parents set limits with their children in terms … Continue reading

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The Online Mom quotes Jeremy on Technology and Parenting

Online Mom 4

The Online Mom posted an article recently entitled, Want your child off the screens? Try turning off yours, which quoted Jeremy helping parents think about how much time they use their own devices and what kind of example that gives … Continue reading

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Modeling Technology Behavior for Our Family

This past week, I read several articles talking about ways families can stay connected and how teens rely on their parents for how to behave on the Internet and with mobile devices. I am the role model for my nine-year … Continue reading

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It’s the Balance of Technology That Matters Most For Our Kids

There is some research now on the effects of technology and social media on our children. I’ve been tweeting about it a bit lately. It worries me because obviously I care about my children’s ability to function well in society, … Continue reading

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CNN Interviews Jeremy for a Father’s Day Special

Renay San Miguel of CNN interviewed Jeremy for a Father’s Day special on technology and parenting. Renay asked Jeremy about his online column and working with parents not only in person, but virtually as well. To hear the interview in … Continue reading

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