Green Child Magazine publishes Jeremy’s article on Importance of Family Time

Green Child Magazine recently published an article Jeremy wrote called, Managing Kids and Technology; The Importance of Family Time. The article goes into detail about messages parents might be sending their children without even realizing it and specific steps they can take to send more conscious messages about technology and family time.

All parents—moms and dads—who stay at home with their kids for long stretches of time need all of the peer support (virtual and in-person) that they can get. The question becomes, when is the best time for you to get that support? Do you try to restrict it to when your kids are taking a nap, playing with friends, or engaged in homework and aren’t aware that you’re using a device? Or do you immediately take a call, or respond to texts or emails when you’re with your kids, without any explanation as to why?

Jeremy goes further to say, “Most of us have jobs where there is ALWAYS more to do. Will we ever really be able to accomplish enough where we can avoid worrying about whatever is next? Probably not. I do think that there are some steps we can take to lessen our work-related stress and keep it from running over into parenting time.

Check out the article for more information on his 4 tips listed below;

  1. Keep a To-Do List
  2. Give yourself a break
  3. Prioritize
  4. Make room for transitioning between work and family

When we prioritize family time, it becomes easier to remember to leave our “smartphone” in our purse or pocket and enjoy the time with our family.