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Use A Pacifier to Soothe Her to Sleep?

I had dinner with one of my closest friends the other day and we walked out of the restaurant into the blazing, devastating heat and slowly made our way into a Whole Foods at Union Square just to survive. While … Continue reading

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Do They Love Me?

By Jeremy G. Schneider, MFT You know that line from Fiddler on the Roof when he asks her after being married for 25 years??? “Do you love me?” They had an arranged marriage, but have been together so long they … Continue reading

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Somehow This Was Forgotten In Parenting Class

By Jeremy G. SChneider, MFT I have been sick (yeah, sick enough not even to write) and knew I was starting to feel better when for the first time in a week, a post began to write itself in my … Continue reading

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A Parental Moment

By: Jeremy G. Schneider, MFT “Daddy.” Parents deal with many issues involving their children and most of them pretty smoothly. Unfortunately, one of the hardest issues to deal with is our children’s sleep, but these challenges often happen at the … Continue reading

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Making Note of My Parental Power

By Jeremy G. Schneider, MFT Our parental power is not something that comes up in casual conversation when we’re complaining about how out of control our children have become. In contrast, many parents talk about how powerless they feel. But … Continue reading

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