More Than 20 Newspapers Publish JGS Tips

This morning, Jeremy G. Schneider, MFT had several tips published in an article on Signs of Over-scheduling Your Child that was syndicated to over 20 newspapers throughout the United States including the Miami Herald, Sacramento Bee, Fresno Bee, and The Charlotte Observer.

Jeremy was quoted about the side-effects of over-scheduled children, “The go-go-go adrenalin and momentum makes it very hard for kids to slow down at bedtime, relax and fall asleep.”

But over-scheduled kids may have more than just sleep issues. “Kids who don’t have down time do not have time to process their emotions,” Schneider said. “Whether consciously or not, we all use down-time to process our feelings about the day’s experiences. When kids don’t have time to process the events of their day or their life their emotions become clogged and things build up. This makes them more likely to throw temper tantrums, overreact to problems, cry over more simple things, etc.”

Jeremy has been interviewed in over a dozen different publications, radio and TV shows before this recent article. For some of the other articles where he was quoted, please visit the Press Room.