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Saving A Sparrow is Great For Several Reasons

Lucas and I were alone recently and we were standing by the door when all of a sudden he said, “Remember when we saved that bird?” “I do.” “That was pretty cool.” “It really was, wasn’t it?” Let me start … Continue reading

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Maybe Our Weekends Are Too Good?

As I was getting ready for woke this morning, my son, now 10, came to me and was upset about not wanting to go to school. Normally, Lucas loves school so it caught me off guard a bit. “Why don’t … Continue reading

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A Parental Moment

By: Jeremy G. Schneider, MFT “Daddy.” Parents deal with many issues involving their children and most of them pretty smoothly. Unfortunately, one of the hardest issues to deal with is our children’s sleep, but these challenges often happen at the … Continue reading

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