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Holding On Until She Lets Go

I gave myself a treat this week. The other night I drove up to Connecticut to watch my Sweetie Girl perform in a musical. But instead of going home afterwards, I stayed in a B&B and then spent a few … Continue reading

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Life Can Be Both Hard AND Good!

We were sold a bill of goods when we were kids. Most of us grew up believing that being a child was so hard and that once we became an adult life would become much easier. I think many of … Continue reading

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The New York Times Motherlode seeks Jeremy’s help to resolve a quandary

The New York Times Motherlode section has been featuring parenting quandaries and asking experts to respond and give their feedback and perspective. This week Jeremy Schneider was chosen as one of the experts included in the quandary resolution. The quandary … Continue reading

eHow Features Jeremy in The Christmas Balancing Act

Jeremy was again featured on a major website this week. eHow.com published an article called, The Christmas Balancing Act to help parents to enjoy the holiday season without too much stress and pressure. When stress gets the best of you … Continue reading

Use A Pacifier to Soothe Her to Sleep?

I had dinner with one of my closest friends the other day and we walked out of the restaurant into the blazing, devastating heat and slowly made our way into a Whole Foods at Union Square just to survive. While … Continue reading

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The Kids Are Away and Conflicting Emotions Are in Play

My Okapis are away (at their grandparents) and it is time for the parents to play. If only it were that easy. For my wife, it is very hard for her to be away from our kids. The same kids … Continue reading

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It’s the Balance of Technology That Matters Most For Our Kids

There is some research now on the effects of technology and social media on our children. I’ve been tweeting about it a bit lately. It worries me because obviously I care about my children’s ability to function well in society, … Continue reading

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Loving Him At School

By Jeremy G. Schneider, MFT I had the privilege of taking my kids, eight-year old boy-girl twins, to school the other day. It’s funny because I do it enough that I know what to do, but not enough that I … Continue reading

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Our Ten Days of Decadence

By Jeremy G. Schneider, MFT I am relieved to announce that our Ten Days of Decadence, oh so similar to the Twelve Days of Christmas, is finally over. Our Okapis (twin four-year olds) are completely spoiled now and we have … Continue reading

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