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How Can We Know What Is Great About Being A Parent Before We Have Kids?

There were so many things I didn’t know about being a Dad before my Okapis were born. The list of changes is enormous, the impact in my life extraordinary–and it keeps growing. My kids are now ten (and a half) … Continue reading

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It’s Possible My Kids Are Addictive

Relationships are tricky. I have spent more than half of my life with my wife and yet we still have things to learn from each other. It comes down to the fact that even though we experience very similar things … Continue reading

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To The Next Dimension – Happy Mother’s Day!

Have you ever felt loved? I mean, truly felt it like a cozy jacket you slip into on a crisp Fall afternoon, surrounding yourself in that feeling as the warmth it provides flows through your whole body? I felt that … Continue reading

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Saving A Sparrow is Great For Several Reasons

Lucas and I were alone recently and we were standing by the door when all of a sudden he said, “Remember when we saved that bird?” “I do.” “That was pretty cool.” “It really was, wasn’t it?” Let me start … Continue reading

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Parenthood Publishes Jeremy’s Article on Conquering Children’s Fears

Parenthood.com has recently published Jeremy’s article, entitled Help Your Child Conquer Her Fears. The article, as the title suggests, helps parents be there for their children and the fears they experience. Jeremy includes the five key things to remember when dealing … Continue reading

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The Assumptions We Make As Parents Can Cause Their Own Issues

Recently I read an article about the messages we send our kids. In it Jim Taylor, Ph.D, author of Your Children Are Listening, talked about the conflicting messages we give our children and also where they come from. Coincidentally, I … Continue reading

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It’s the Balance of Technology That Matters Most For Our Kids

There is some research now on the effects of technology and social media on our children. I’ve been tweeting about it a bit lately. It worries me because obviously I care about my children’s ability to function well in society, … Continue reading

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Los Tres Amigos Veterans Day

By Jeremy G. Schneider, MFT Another Los Tres Amigos Sabado (Saturday), another happy day! After my delightful evening Friday night, I woke up bright and early to get the Okapis dressed and out the door to iHop for breakfast. They … Continue reading

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His Scrape Triggered My Wound

By Jeremy G. Schneider, MFT Lucas has a terrible scrape on his nose and lip. Apparently, when they were going to the beach he tripped on a towel and fell face first because his hands were wrapped in the towel. … Continue reading

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Sharing What I Love

By Jeremy G. Schneider, MFT I have found that one of the best ways to bond with my 2.5 year-old children is to share the things I love with them. The strongest example of this is my love of animals. … Continue reading

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