MetroFamily Publishes Is Your Child Over-Scheduled?

MetroFamily, an Oklahoma-based parenting magazine, published in their August 2012 issue, Jeremy’s article entitled, Is Your Child Over-Scheduled? This article focuses on the signs to determine if your child is over-scheduled as well as suggestions for what to do if they are.

Signs your child might be over-scheduled:

  1. Sleep Problems
  2. Emotional Outbursts, Frustration, and Anxiety
  3. Declining School performance

Three ways to reverse the pattern:

  1. Prioritize Activities
  2. Discuss Before Joining
  3. Plan Ahead

Remember, having only planned activities and no free time every day is to much for anyone (children and adults!). When our kids start having something scheduled every day (or even most days), it is probably too much.

By teaching our children to manage their own time, we are not only helping them right now, but teaching them a life lesson that will help them in high school, college and beyond.