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Life Can Be Both Hard AND Good!

We were sold a bill of goods when we were kids. Most of us grew up believing that being a child was so hard and that once we became an adult life would become much easier. I think many of … Continue reading

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To The Next Dimension – Happy Mother’s Day!

Have you ever felt loved? I mean, truly felt it like a cozy jacket you slip into on a crisp Fall afternoon, surrounding yourself in that feeling as the warmth it provides flows through your whole body? I felt that … Continue reading

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MetroFamily Publishes Is Your Child Over-Scheduled?

MetroFamily, an Oklahoma-based parenting magazine, published in their August 2012 issue, Jeremy’s article entitled, Is Your Child Over-Scheduled? This article focuses on the signs to determine if your child is over-scheduled as well as suggestions for what to do if … Continue reading

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Parenthood Publishes Jeremy’s Article on Conquering Children’s Fears

Parenthood.com has recently published Jeremy’s article, entitled Help Your Child Conquer Her Fears. The article, as the title suggests, helps parents be there for their children and the fears they experience. Jeremy includes the five key things to remember when dealing … Continue reading

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ParentGuide News Publishes Jeremy’s article for Father’s Day

ParentGuide News published one of Jeremy’s articles for their Father’s Day special. The article, called The Father-Child Connection, focuses on how Dads can connect with their children even if they are working away from home every day. Jeremy started with … Continue reading

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School Family Asks Jeremy for Advice on Cheating Children

SchoolFamily.com has published an article on children who have a good track record in school and good behavior, but then get caught cheating called, When Your Child Cheats, Take A Parental Time Out. In the article, they quote Jeremy extensively … Continue reading

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CJAD Radio in Montreal interviews Jeremy Schneider about stress and children

CJAD Radio Montreal

CJAD Radio in Montreal, Canada interviewed Jeremy Schneider on a recent study about stress and children. Kim Fraser asked questions about if parents’ stress can affect children (which it certainly can), if we should share financial stress with our children … Continue reading

Babble.com and ParentCentral Published JGS Tips

Earlier this week Jeremy had an article published on ParentCentral.ca, the parenting website of the Toronto Star, called, 5 Signs Your Child Is Too Busy. Sure, all of your child’s extra-curricular activities seem important. Who wouldn’t want their kid to … Continue reading

The Kids Are Away and Conflicting Emotions Are in Play

My Okapis are away (at their grandparents) and it is time for the parents to play. If only it were that easy. For my wife, it is very hard for her to be away from our kids. The same kids … Continue reading

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Jealousy at My Children’s Laughter

By Jeremy G. Schneider, MFT As I was leaving the house this morning, I heard one thing above all else; the sound of my 6.5 year old children’s laughter. And I felt one thing in response. Jealousy. Here I was … Continue reading

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